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Microbiological (bacteria) water samples should be delivered in a sterilized bottle, available from Indepth. For other tests, we also provide bottles, or a clean water bottle such as Dasani or Aqua Fina can be used.


With Indepth bottles, please remove the plastic seal completely and ignore the white powder in the bottle. Remove the aerator from an inside source (kitchen or bathroom sink) or use the tub spout. Using rubbing alcohol and a paper towel, or the enclosed alcohol wipe, disinfect the source by cleaning inside the spout, spigot, yard hydrant, etc. The edge (threads) should also be cleaned. Let it air dry for about 1 minute. Turn the water on, run until clear and cold, from 3 to 5 minutes. Fill bottle(s) without touching the bottle to the source. *Fill the bottle to the 100 ml line (indicated on bottle).

The sample should be kept cold (refrigerated or in a cooler). It must be delivered to the lab within 24 hours of collection.


On a piece of paper, note the address of the property, the date/time the sample was taken, and the sample location (i.e., kitchen sink, tub spout, yard hydrant), as well as information on how to get the results and invoice to you (email and phone number). Please return along with the sample and a check to "Indepth Water Testing" in the appropriate amount, or we can take a credit card. Payment is required at time of service.


Samples are accepted Monday–Thursday 9:00–1:00 in the office or until 5:00 p.m. in the blue drop box outside the office. Please call us ahead of time and let us know you have dropped off your sample.


** We do not accept samples on Fridays without prior approval. Thank you.


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